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Jeri Lynn Sunok

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Commentator Jeri Sunok: The Fitness Intuitive for TRX fitness product Video

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Click red links below to learn more about Jeri Lynn Sunok, Fitness Mentor:

Jeri Lynn Sunok Magic Fitness / Wellness Methods

Quick Testimonials https://youtu.be/Z1MqhGKlyuc

Long Testimonial https://youtu.be/AlpkjaFEEZA

TRX Training https://youtu.be/EBMtEuQjaBc

Celebrity Trainer, Jeri Lynn Sunok, has worked her magic for more than 35 years, blending her fitness expertise with unique training techniques and tried and true healing processes. Jeri is all about upgrading personal training and wellness for the ages.

After obtaining degrees in Physical Education / Sports Medicine and opening the very first private fitness studio in Beverly Hills, CA, Jeri earned remarkable respect as a well sought-after Personal Trainer and Fitness Director in both LA and Orange Counties.

Jeri has always been ahead of her time and still is. Before the interval kickboxing / bodybuilding workout craze (known as HITT, Cross Fit), she was the creator of FITBOXING, a very popular cross-training workout. She also became famous for being FLEX magazine editor and co-author of early fitness godfather and guru Joe Weider’s book:

Sunok’s methods featured in over 40 magazines demonstrate how Jeri artfully integrates exercising, communication, education and optimal healing. And her own past personal physical struggles are a testament to how YOU CAN TAKE IMPOSSIBLE TO POSSIBILITY. A single session or conversation with Jeri is referred to as “...a psychic, Sherpa-like fitness trainer and coach; able to read, direct and anchor peoples new abilities with peace and serenity…”

Jeri Lynn Sunok is the perfect commentator for fitness & wellness products. As an exercise pioneer, she expressively and genuinely maximizes the use of fitness tools and apps with her unique exercise methods and recovery strategies. With Jeri Sunok, professionals, supermoms, entrepreneurs and business owners realize and then maximize their physical, mental and spiritual potential. And she also coaches other personal trainers how to improve their skill set.

Jeri practices what she preaches yet she is a realist. She enjoys a gourmet meal out (and is a great chef herself) while weekly maintaining her passion for the gym and the boxing ring. Jeri kicks and punches with a coach half her age, pulls a sled weighing 420-pounds, stacked with Olympic plates and a male trainer standing on top, and still masters her bodybuilding moves like dead lifts at185- pounds, or incline press with 55-pound dumbbells in each hand. And of course, Sunok meditates and “grounds herself” daily.

Experience and see more than just a workout trainer; work with a Fitness Mentor who coaches you to a happy mind, happy body, and happy life! Jeri’s custom program design incorporates her use of meditative focus techniques; sharp kinesthetic sense, and her ground-breaking IVF, Instant Video Feedback. With her long history in fitness and wellness, Sunok can guarantee breakthroughs in most, if not all, areas where you've previously stalled. Let's Go!

Early Story

As a teen, Jeri Lynn Sunok entered athletic areas previously reserved for ‘boys only,’ well before most sports were en vogue for females and paying millions to women with brawn. She even trained with champion boxer, Milford Kemp, and later with Muay Thai Kickboxing masters.

As a result of a very difficult childhood and having to mature quickly, Jeri’s material for her writing originated with her innate grasp of human behavior, emotions and senses. Jeri soon realized she had a gift for heightened perception (or a sixth sense, if you will). Throughout her formative years, she blended these elements as a gateway and link between fitness and consciousness.

College Years and Beyond

As a star on her college softball team, she was involved with weight training in the 1980’s. And then Jeri became a competitive bodybuilder, adhering to a strict bodybuilding regimen. This occurred at the same time that she was studying sports medicine, working out at Gold’s Gym in Venice, well known as the Mecca of bodybuilding, and managing a celebrity-packed gym in Encino, California. Former clients include Kim Basinger, Sally Fields, James Brolin, Rick Dees and many others.

Jeri went on to gain the respect and friendship of many of the big name directors, writers, casting agents, and actors she worked with; advising them on balancing life, work and fitness with humor. She also became one of the first female trainers to work out stars on location, on the studio lots.

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As Seen in LOCATION3 publication

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Fitness Intuitive INSPIRES YOU and friends: https://vimeo.com/174860344


· 35 years of Training Excellence and Master Knowledge
· 5-Star Luxury Fitness & Wellness Experience
· Online, All Access Training Available
· Full-Body Holistic Coaching Approach

· All-Inclusive      Signature Services that Value Your time
· Seen in GLAMOUR magazine as "favorite trainer for fitness tips," - September 2008.
· Co-Keynote Speaker of Women’s Seminar with Emme, Supermodel
and on PEOPLE magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful list.
· Owner and operator of "first" private fitness gym in Beverly Hills - 1981.
· Top Editor for major fitness magazines; over 100 articles published worldwide.
· Originator of Fitboxingsm, a popular cross-training kickboxing program workout.
· Co-author of FLEXIBILITY, with Frank Zane, in THE BEST OF WEIDER’S FLEX.
· Currently working on her book series FITNESS INTUITIVE.


2004 - Present


Certified Reiki Practitioner
Completed full Reiki training program; hands-on healing and energy techniques.

1995 - Present



Fitness Intuitivetm/Body Sculpture, Orange County
Trainer for clients of all ages and levels, including people with muscle/health limitations. Specializing in weight loss, innovative stretching, atypical exercise skills, yoga, bodybuilding, kickboxing, breathing/meditation techniques, and conscious fitness education.

1999 - Present



Certified La Stone Therapist, Orange County
Completed through founder Mary Hannigan. LaStone Therapysm uses multifaceted healing/massage techniques with hot basalt/cold marble stones.

1989 - 2001



Contributing Fitness Editor and Consultant

1981 - 1995




Body by Design, Private Gym Owner, Los Angeles
Managed independent gym/fi tness consulting with consistent
profitability. Created all marketing and business plans; handled all sales, schedules, contracts, and legal negotiations; trained employees; and expanded name recognition.


1986 - 1992





Editor-at-Large, Weider’s FLEX and MUSCLE & FITNESS magazines
Investigated and reported on newsworthy health-fitness events and celebrity profiles. Demonstrated creativity, assertiveness and writing skills that grabbed attention of readers and editorial peers. Established an Industry reputation up-to-date information and
in-depth coverage in a rapidly change field.

1979 - 1986



Tech Fitness Centers, Los Angeles
Developer of Corporate Fitness Program for COLUMBIA /UNIVERSAL TELEVISION, on-location studio trainer, and promotions director for celebrities and executives.
Traveled to gym locations to oversee entire one-on-one program.


California State University, Northridge - Sports Medicine
San Diego State University - Physical Education
LA Valley College - A.A. Degree
NESTA, Personal Trainer - Certified
Blue’s Training Academy, San Diego, Certification (Muay Thai and American Kickboxing)
UCLA Extension - Screenwriting program
and other classes: Mac OS, Microsoft Works, Word, Quicken,
graphics and spreadsheets


2008 GLAMOUR magazine --
Tone up at work: 7 easy exercises you can do without leaving your cube

Macy’s Seminar with supermodel Emme --
Fitness Expert Jeri and Emme present "Fashion that Fits"

" L. A. Charity with Ms. Olympia Linda Murray and Singer Thelma Houston"

FLEX -- "Armand Tanny, Joe Weider’s Editor with friend Jeri Lynn Sunok"

FOX Television/KFOX Radio --
Fitness Interview - "The Father of Bodybuilding: Joe Weide"

Fitness Model for the following: SHAPE, Kenny Rogers Photography,
and Caper’s Water Sports

LOS ANGELES TIMES -- "Pioneer Fitness Trainer to the Stars"
and "Multiple Sclerosis"

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER -- Venture Feature: "Getting Their Kicks"

OC METRO -- "Bold Fitness Choice": Muay Thai Kickboxing and Fitboxingsm in OC

FITBOXINGsm Originator --
Programs for NY Reebok/LA Spectrum Clubs
and Newport Coast Community Center in OC

Kickboxing Competitor --
Muay Thai training and sparring with World Champions: Jones, Arce, and Diez

Award-winning Bodybuilder -- 1982 Ms. Pacifi c Shores, 1980 Ms. Orange Coast

Boxing Training (at age 13) with Professional Boxer Milford Kemp
and later with Steve Hurley


Cycling, Tennis, Gourmet Cooking, Meditation, Healing Practice,
Buddihist Teachings, Boating, Film, and Writing Poetry.


“…favorite trainer for fitness tips . At home, office, anywhere, throughout
the day, Jeri teaches you the precise how-to in exercise. – GLAMOUR

“…Best trainer having a gift for reading people, nearly psychic, using a
sharper kinesthetic sense, awareness of your body in space, form, breath
and alignment while you exercise… “ – EXPERIENCE LIFE Magazine

”Jeri’s unique training methods got me the role of Jake, bringing me
fame, fortune, and a wake-up call about my body and living life fully”
– Tom Eplin | Award-Winning Actor, CA

Simply put, Jeri’s workouts and her philosophy helped save my
life...escaping murder and rape. ” -Debi | Survivor and
workingwoman, Los Angeles, CA

“With Jeri’s expertise a depressing spine injury no longer stops
me. We addressed hidden imbalances and developed a
personalized healing program for a new found strength
and confidence. Julie | Runner | Mother of Two, Orange County, CA

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