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Designed by Kevin R. Weaver

Model Fitness! tm provides you with state-of-the art marketing and promotion through this Internet Site and the company's continual presence in the industry. As a result you are in front of key decision makers in the industry -- from footwear and apparel manufactures to producers to corporate executives and more.

We help make you successful. The talent featured on Model Fitness have auditioned for many exciting opportunities and have been employed in TV, video, infomercials, print and personal appearance work. Naturally, we can't guarantee you'll become rich and famous; but, we can guarantee it will be considerably more difficult to become successful without effective exposure.

Consider some of the many key elements:

Often businesses won't negotiate with the talent. Do you know what the going rate is for print work, TV, voice-overs, infomercials, personal endorsements, choreography, video production, etc.? Do you attend all of the industry and related-industry conventions? How much time do you have to promote yourself? Are your efforts cost-effective? Who do you contact? Will they take your cold call or read your unsolicited material? Do you have a comp card (we have great contacts for inexpensive printing)? Do you have yourself on video tape? How current are your professional photographs?

Do what you do best: you're a fitness professional; and let us do what we do best: promote you, negotiate on your behalf, and keep you in front of the latest opportunities.

For more information and specifics about Model Fitness! tm, contact us now...you could be missing your golden opportunity today.

Sign up right now! You could be the next talent on our Web page and working in a new and exciting opportunity.

How to Contact Model Fitnesstm

You can contact Kevin Weaver Fitness Productions by Email at

Or you can call us at (858) 678-8915


Kevin Weaver Fitness Productions -- 5370 Toscana Way, Suite 302; San Diego, CA 92122