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Karen-Lisa Borders

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Height: 5' 7-1/2"; Weight: 126 lbs.
Measurements: 34-24-36

WINNER -- 2004 FAME Canada Fitness Model EXPO

Karen has this to say...

Fitness has always been a part of my life. At a young age, I was put into every activity possible: ballet, jazz, gymnastics, basketball and volleyball. Throughout elementary school I was very much an introvert and although my academic achievements were evident, the only way I found to openly express my shy self was to be involved in sports.

Early on, I began to participate in long distance running events at school and this is where I discovered my first true athletic passion, track and field. This was extended into high school and finally university where I ran sprints for two years on the Varsity Track and Field team. This team was comprised of many elite champions within the Track and Field world. With former Olympic coaches/athletes teaching me the secrets to being a successful sprinter, I was able to condition my body to compete at a National level. Loving the sport so much, I continued to train seven days a week, but soon found the load to be too much with my major in Biological Sciences. I gave up the varsity team in order to concentrate more on school, and pursue my professional dreams.

I continued to work out at the local community gym, where I found a silent pleasure in lifting weights to define my already athletic physique. Now I was able to contour and shape my muscles all on my own. An art so empowering, I was immediately hooked. I eventually became a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and this was just the beginning...

My first exposure to the Fitness industry was watching the Fitness America Pageant 2001 on TSN. I was so intrigued by the beautiful physiques combined with physical strength and poise that I decided to attend the Fitness Canada Pageant that same year. After the show, I was filled with excitement and promised myself I would be up on that stage the following year. Days later, I found a choreographer, and began to work with her on my retired flexibility and strength moves in order to make this dream a reality.

That same year in October, I entered the WNSO Winter Freeze Fitness Model Search where I wanted to put my physique to the test and see exactly how I felt on stage in front of a crowd. I placed 2nd overall out of 35 girls. Pleased with my performance, I continued to train hard only this time, I studied more about how food selections can change your physique along with weight training. I then went on to compete in the Fitness Canada 2002 placing 15th overall, 3rd in the TSN series and 9th overall for physique.

By this time I knew I wanted to push my body to the limits and continue to compete! The exhilarating feeling after displaying your hard work on stage cannot be put into words! I continued to study and learn more about diet, training and competing.


1st Place -- FAME Canada Fitness & Model Expo (2004)
16th Place -- Ms. Bikini America Pageant (2004)
10th Place -- Fitness Model America Pageant (2004)
4th Place -- London Natural Fitness & Bodybuilding Championships (2003)
20th Place -- Fitness Canada Pageant (2003)
4th Place -- Molson Indy Fitness Model Search (2003)
2nd Place -- FAME Canada Fitness & Model Expo (2003)
1st Place -- The London Natural Fitness & Bodybuilding Championships (2002)


Share Magazine - Taking Fitness to the Max -- 2004
Oxyen Magazine -- "A Heahtly Affair" -- July 2004
Oxygen Magazine -- "Blab, Blab, Blab" -- June 2004
Oxygen Magazine -- May 2004
FAME Poster - Beyond Fitness Winter 2004 Magazine
Muscularity Magazine -- FAME Canada Article -- July 2003
WNSO Fitness Canada posters -- 2003

Stay tuned...this fitness professional is going places!

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