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Kristia Knowles

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I am originally from Wilmington, NC. My family moved to Raleigh, NC when I was 5 years old. I am an only child, unless you count all the cats we have owned over the years! My mom and dad are the best parents anyone could have ever been blessed.

I had a very happy childhood, with all the normal adolescent pains of growing up (mainly being ridiculed because I was so tall and thin). Barbie was my favorite toy. I played countless hours with Barbie and my best friend Cara, who lived up the street. We were best friends for over 12 years. Over the years, I played every sport in the world, but tennis became my favorite. In the summer, I would spend at least 6 hours a day practicing tennis with my mom and friends (or should I say, punishing my mom in 90º heat).

I began modeling around the age of 16. I was the perfect fashion model figure (ultra thin and ultra tall). My first job was for Sebastian hair care. I was mortified on stage with hundreds of onlookers in the crowd! Over time, I've lost a shoe, busted a zipper and fallen off the stage! Looking back, it all seems quite humorous. Fashion modeling gave me the opportunity to experience a lot of great places and interesting people.

After high school, I continued modeling and attended North Carolina State University. I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in chemistry (after deciding a degree in journalism may employee me as a telemarketer). While applying to medical school, I worked as an organic chemist for a year. I applied that same year to physical therapy school. I was rejected from med school, but accepted to P.T. school (God knew best). Two years later, I received my master's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (That's Michael Jordan's Alma Mater to you sports fans). Those were the two quickest and best years of my life. Kathy and I became best friends, and had so much fun together. I met my future husband while at UNC, thanks to my roommate Cindy (Who appeared to only eat cake batter for dinner. Hope her health is well!).

In 1996, unable to take the cold weather any longer, I moved to Tampa with the help of U-Haul (and of course my parents). I cried for a straight week. I was determined I made a mistake, and as soon as my six month lease was up, I was moving home. I worked as a physical therapist at a nursing home in St. Pete. I quickly made friends at work and my apartment complex. I started getting involved in sports again, but I did not return to modeling.

In the spring of 97, I moved to Orlando after becoming engaged to Mark. I worked as a P.T. at a rehab facility in town. I decided that I would like to model again, but found that the aging process had done a number on my body fat percentage.

I decided to get healthy with proper nutrition and exercise. The body fat melted and the muscles toned up! I signed with agencies in Miami, New York and Orlando. I also decided to become a personal trainer that year.

In 1999, while visiting my agency in NYC, I had a chance meeting with photographer Brian Moss. Thanks to his assistance, I began my career in fitness modeling. I have met many photographers, makeup artists, stylists and art directions, who have all been wonderful. I thank you all for the opportunity to work together.

Since 1999, I have been involved in fitness competitions, including The Women's Tri-Fitness and Galaxy. Our team took the world title in Las Vegas in 2001 (Way to go Beth, Tonia and Colette!) Obstacle course competitions have brought me much success!

Besides fitness competitions, I'm involved in triathlons, marathon and adventure racing. I'm so proud of all the women and men I've trained who too have done their first triathlon and marathons, and continue to achieve their personal best!

Career goals for the future: I would like to continue to be a fitness and health educator by whatever platform presents itself. The fitness industry continues to grow leaps and bounds, and I plan on having a part to help others achieves their fitness quest!

Comment from Kevin Weaver: And, look at her now! A few recent photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Kristia Knowles


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