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Michèle Levesque

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Height: 5'4"; Weight: 110 lbs.; Hair: Blonde; Eyes: Green
Measurements: 3D-22-32; Dress: 3-4; Shoe: 6

A training addict, Michèle Levesque, is from a small village in Canada known for its mountain biking and skiing. Michèle is a long-time devotee to gymnastics, figure skating and, of course, biking and skiing.

She has always had an intense temperament and is always on the lookout for a new challenge, a new obsession. For years, she let off steam in track and field, where she progressed from the sprint to running 30 kilometres on the road!

Running was her drug, inspiration, decadence, and release, until the day when she had to have surgery for knee problems. Her world fell apart and she lapsed into gloom and despair. She had lost her best friend.

Her passion for weights and dumbbells developed from the time she was in rehabilitation for her knees. Aside from running, lifting weights was the only way she got satisfaction. At first slowly, then with growing intensity. She had discovered a second obsession! She set about to be reborn and wanted to know everything about nutrition and training. One day while leafing through magazines, she told herself that one day she would be the person on the cover! But first she had to find a good coach to lead her to the top. She found the coach and developed a passion for training!

Now in Montreal, she came to study kinesiology at the Université du Québec à Montréal and continue in massotherapy. She has worked in this profession for five years.


In November 2006, she participated and WON her first competition!

This competition has been a learning experience. By believing in herself, she reached perfect harmony between my body and mind.

Ready for the next competitive step and clearly one of the hottest fitness models new to the scene, Michèle is on the brink of being on magazine covers and endorsing the best fitness products on the market. Now is YOUR time to book this new talent!


Please email details of the project including dates and other important considerations.

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Michèle Levesque


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