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Nanci Isaacs

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Nanci Isaacs in an AFAA certified trainer, having received training in
Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. She specializes in, but is not
limited to, pre- and post-natal fitness and exercise programs, and
exercise programs for men and women with chronic lower back pain.

Before beginning her career as a personal fitness trainer, Nanci spent
more than 10 years in corporate sales, working as an account
executive for major radio stations in Boston, the local manager for
corporate sales at the Boston Garden, and northeast sales and
marketing manager for Sports Impact, a sports marketing and
publication firm in New York.

Fitness has always been part of Nanci's life. For the past 20 years she
has either worked out on her own to stay in shape or has been in
training for a specific event. But it was her high-pressure career
experience in corporate sales that helped her realize the importance
of helping other people develop a regular fitness program and
incorporate it into their stress management.

As a personal trainer, Nanci has helped people in Boston, New York,
and Los Angeles achieve their fitness goals. Her clients work for such
prestigious corporations as Capital Cities/ABC, CBS, BET, Fitness
Management magazine, Kaiser Permanente, The Los Angeles Times,
Paramount Studios, and Motown Records.

In addition to successfully running her own private training company,
Personally Yours, for five years, Nanci is also employed by The
Courtyard Club as a fitness trainer, and as a part-time wellness
instructor at the Hollywood/Wilshire YMCA. She also writes articles of
fitness for the soon-to-be-published Dysonna, The Magazine, a
bi-monthly, Los Angeles based-publication.

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